Ryszard Mańczak

Born on 21 May 1967 in Poznań, his adventure with art started with a successful drawing contest in New Delhi in India where he was one of the winners and won the silver medal. He has always had tendencies to change reality. So called GEMELO (DGEMELO – discussion group of The Electric Light Orchestra enthusiasts) has proved to be reliable in achieving life purposes. He was one of the GEMELO co-founders. It was a kind of antidote in times of political transition. Between 1982-1987 he graduated from “ Marcinek”, one of the best secondary schools in Poznań, studying metaphysical aspects of mathematics and science subjects. Knowledge and skills gained there allowed him to study in the years 1987-1992 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań at Interior Architecture and Industrial Design Department, where he was allowed to expand his skills at the Department of Design by professor Hałas and at the Department of Bionics Design by professor Dreszer which allow him to discover new aspects of the world.He also increased his ability at a three-year Signage Design Lab. He graduated in 1994 with a diploma “Krzesławe” where industrial design objects were given a metaphysical dimension.
He has already begun to change reality during the study projects for the family jewellery business which won the Silver Bear in the International Jewellery Trade Fair in Berlin. In 1992-1994, he founded Prolog- the Studio of Signage System , he is the author of Signage System for Pekao SA in Wielkopolska. In 1994-2007 he continued business in Prolog Design - signage systems designing business logos, Corporate Identity, unification of consistency for network clients, implementation brands.
He is the author of Signage System for Pekao SA in Wielkopolska. He cooperated with Robert Majkut at the creation of the first multiplex cinema in Poland. The year 2000 has brought work on the authorised project of the City Wayfinding System for Wielkopolska and Signage System with the support of senator Wojciech Kruk. What made it possible to create and select the appropriate technology, concepts, technical documentation, material studies, calculations and valuations.
In 2001 he developed the concept, design, and conducted implementation of the system of MULTIMEDIA FURNITURE for Kulczyk Tradex in Poznań. In 2002 he technically developed and oversaw the implementation of wayfinding system for Diagram company called "Center of Poznań" in cooperation with Gazeta Wyborcza. He was the author of the concept of signage design for public spaces for the first part of the Center for the Arts and Business Stary Browar which was the winner of the first prize in the contest for the best mall in the world and in Europe, awarded by the ICSC Phoenix Arizona USA, in Poland it was awarded by Giovanni Baptist Quadro prize for the icon of Polish architecture. In 2004, the contractor of outdoor and indoor signage design system for the head office of Autostrada Wielkopolska. In 2005, he cooperated with Lech Browary Wielkopolskie in advertising, outdoor and indoor signage system, posters, stands, packaging and other brand sales.He works in project teams, cooperates with industry, contractors and designers, coordinates and implements outdoor and indoor signage system, does graphic design, logos, forms and space arrangments, deals with the broad design, drawings, sketches and graphics, has a good strong technical drawing skill. He organizes exhibitions, was a director assistant on the set, arranges fair stands. Cooperates with advertising agencies such as- ADS, Sipińscy, professor Gurawski, in the range of the projects, development and implementation- Energetyka, Kühne & Nagel, Adam Mickiewicz University, Oil and Gas Plant in Zielona Góra, Glass Factory Warta, WBK Bank, PKO BP, Agricultural University and others. Since 2008 he has designed individually and for Prolog Design EM which was started that year to create multifunctional industrial design.
He is keen on sport and recreation with an indication of good jazz. Open to challenges in the quest to create a better world around us.

Author of his exhibition called " PRIVATE ATMOSPHERE" at TORTONA DESIGN WEEK 2012 in MILAN at TEMPORARY  MUSEUM FOR NEW DESIGN, SUPERSTUDIO 13, where the curator of the event was a wordwild famous designer Giulio Cappellini.

He is the runner up of the Core77 Design Award in New York in category"Home and lightning" for professionals.

Tango Pouf has been nominated in Denmark to INDEX AWARD 2013 Home category one of the most important events in design.

mobile +48 604 511 584, ryszard.manczak@gmail.com